Grain & Cereal Milling Products  - overview

gluten containing scope standards
barley hulled grains
malt flakes food grade (178/2002 EC)
oats flours organic - ecologic
rye grits Babyfood (EU 609/2013)*
speltwheat stab. brans* »
typical gluten free scope standards
maize (corn) hulled grains food grade (178/2002 EC)
millet flakes certified glutenfree
rice flours organic - ecologic
soya grits Babyfood (EU 609/2013)*
teff » stab. brans*
* hydrothermal stabilized

100% natural, clean label cereal food ingredients.
GMO free and carefully processed, corresponding to the
regu­lations (EC) 1829/2003 [l.04] and 1830/2003 [l.05].

M. & R. Brumback: The Dietary Fiber Weight Control Handbook

Mary H. & Roger A. Brumback:
Dietary Fiber Weight Control Handbook

Good health and dietary fiber. The great beginning of the thin and healthy rest of your life: eating high fiber foods!
2006 - ISBN 1419635948


Health boost with fiber addition new research
AOF 6000 (info-pdf)

Lowering Bread

EU health claims backed »


TEFF keeps you fit
..more »

There is a sufficiency in the world for all man's need
but not for all man's greed.

Mahatma Gandhi

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