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For more than 35 years we supply sustainable functional ingredients to the food processing industry.

Our philosophy is highest quality standard, sustain­ability, contin­uous service. Besides conventional ingredients (in compliance with the EC food regulations [l.02]), special standards are available, as organic, gluten-free, or corresponding to the Regulation (EU) no 609/2013 on food for infants and young children [l.03].

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AOF - Advanced Oat Fibre
Advanced Oat Fibre is pure dietary fibre (95% TDF) from oats, designed for the food and baking industry: fine powdered, neutral, and with surpassing high water binding and emulsifying power. Small addition already provides exceptional effects, as well in technical, economical and quality terms.
Technical advantages at a glance:
• stable moisture retention
• improves freshness and shelf-life
• enhances textureand stability
• excellent emulsifying properties
• increases elasticity and processability of doughs
• prevents moisture loss and ice crystals at freezing
• for fibre addition and calories reduction
AOF is added to baked goods to strengthen the texture, maintaining a soft and tender crumb and high volume yield.
Advanced oat fibre and organic AOF are gluten-free (<10 mg/kg) and well-suited for babyfood and nutrition for celiac disease suffering people.

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