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Proper nourishment contributes essentially to health and lifestyle as it estab­lishes the natural balance between body, mind and soul. Our contri­bution is to serve the food industry with value-adding high quality dietary fibres and cereal based ingred­ients designed for food products to the consumers whole­some­ness.

'Ingenieurbüro Weiss - Service to the Food Industry' is a family enterprise since 1987. 2010, the company was renamed to

White-Star GmbH.

Our pages inform the manufacturer of delicious and healthy food products about our high valuable and future-proof ingredients with emphasis on its nutritive properties.

White*Star food ingredients are well appre­ciated through all Europe by the means of reliability, quality and safety.

Being recognized as a responsible and reliable partner to the food manu­facturing industry, we proudly are on duty of supplying value-adding food ingredients.
To customers who rely on us - many of them since decades.

health & sustainability

White*Star, obliged to

  • natural wholesomeness & health
  • quality & sustainability
J.R. Primack, N.E. Abrams: View from the Center of the Universe

Joel Primack
& Nancy Abrams:
The View from the Center of
the Universe.

We are responsible to care of the Earth since there is still time to solve some of our prob­lems. The book satisfies our need for order and meaning in our world and in our lives.

Lowering Bread

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Bake with Teff:

 - for sportsmen
 - for celiac patients
 - healthy/functional

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There is no major step for­ward
as long as there is still one unhappy child on earth.

A. Einstein

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